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Coffee shop, tea shop, restaurant hotel & spa:


We often pay attention to the starter, the main course, and the dessert, but we generally forget the unforgettable final touch for the customers.

The taste experience should be a journey from start to end!

If you wish to add this zest of originality with natural and refined infused drinks, within your establishments, contact ourzesty wholesale tea team.

To make smart drinks like amazing lattes, teas, herbal teas, iced lattes, mocktails and more yummy recipes.

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In this world of tea and infusions, there is only one Zesty BB! Don’t you find that we always find the same products in the shops ?

Stand out and join a community of distributors who want to make their customers travel, give emotion and well-being to change them from their usual routine with inspiring drinks!



Be smart and offer drinks smart!

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Business, office, and conferences:

3 out of 4 people do not drink enough water!

Are you looking for a natural solution to stay hydrated in the office ?


An organism that lacks water tires more quickly and has trouble staying focused throughout the day. Result: you do not escape the stroke of the helm, nor the lack of concentration.


Recharge the batteries of your partners who contribute to the success of your business with healthy tea, inspiring and natural drinks. Add a piece of Bali to your coworking spaces, branch, etc.


Be smart, drink smart!



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Smart loose herbal tea !


By buying the best wholesale tea in bulk, you reduce your household waste by 1/5th. 


Among which we remind you, packaging still represents 20%. 


Consumption without packaging will therefore ultimately allow you to reduce the footprint you leave on the planet.


Add a zesty touch to your business !