Zesty – Smart eco-conception and collaboration with Bali

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The smart Franco-Indonesian collaboration

We believe no one is too small to make a difference, even halfway around the world! In the absence of a large European supplier, we preferred the creative freedom to work and import our plants directly with the Balinese for more traceability and to offer you an exceptional quality of tea and infusions.


Because Bali is much more than a postcard destination, it is also an exceptional know-how, a rich, creative and promising land.


The drink smart makes it possible to create bridges between cultures and to share the marvellous natural flavours of the world, because we are all connected.

This is why our blends are grown and produced on Balinese soil for an exceptional well-being herbal infusion tea.


As a committed French start-up, we are listed as an official importer with the Indonesian Embassy.

A smart collaboration that is good for consumers, with healthy drinks for everyday life, and for producers in Bali, with the creation of many jobs.


Eco-responsible production


Nothing but natural!


All of our ingredients have no added flavours or preservatives. We are proud to grow together with Balinese producers and help them evolve towards ECOCERT certification, to have their 100% natural and pesticide-free plants recognized.



Thus, the consumer is an actor and helps the Balinese to develop and protect their lands by not betting everything on mass tourism which can damage the ecosystem of this beautiful island.



In addition to Bali healthy tea, we have also decided to highlight and support the wonderful Balinese craftsmanship with eco-responsible tea accessories, such as tea cups or tea spoons entirely handmade in Bali, in wood. of natural teak.

Ideal for enjoying delicious healthy drinks!

Be smart, drink smart.

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ambassade indonésie

A committed start-up


This is why we are happy to create lasting ties with Indonesia.

But also to pursue our mission, by showing a new possible path in the world of tea and infusion with Balinese plants.


What’s more, sharing and respect between different cultures is an inestimable wealth and opens up the field of all possibilities.

As a French start-up working directly with Bali, we are listed as an official importer with the Indonesian Embassy.


Thanks to this, we had the privilege of being able to meet and discuss with the Ambassador of Indonesia and his team on our vision and our long-term projects with Bali.

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 Eco friendly tea packaging


Healthy drinks to consume all year (cold or hot)

  • Our teas have been designed so that they can be enjoyed all year round, both in a hot version and in an iced tea to offer the possibility of making several types of drink with the same product. This avoids the creation of new packaging.
An ecological commitment
    • We work with suppliers who share our values and ecological interests, such as our French printer for labels that are Imprim’Vert® certified
    • All our packaging is designed in France from recyclable materials (Kraft bags PEFC certified for sustainable forest management, eco-responsible and recyclable).
    • Our bulk herbal teas and tea accessories are stored in France at our committed logistics partner with impact company status and B Corp status. 
A social commitment

    • Packaging is carried out in a French ESAT which hires workers with disabilities to enable their social and professional integration or reintegration.