Zesty – Our Concept Much more than herbal tea, a drink smart !

Smart Concept

We often think of a healthy and balanced diet and not enough of a healthy drink, when “well-being also depends on what we drink”.

So, a drink smart is to do yourself good, by drinking a 100% natural healthy drink (without added flavouring, theine, or caffeine) that you can drink at any time of the day to stay well hydrated and cold or hot infusion. All while discovering the magic of plants and their diversity! Take care of yourself to have all the energy to realize your dreams and live fully.


A drink smart is a healthy drink with smart French eco-design (recyclable and eco-responsible sachets, ImprimVert printer, etc.). We have developed a smart collaboration with Balinese producers with whom we work directly, which is very rarely the case in the world of tea and infusions, where the majority of companies go through large suppliers with several intermediaries.


A drink smart is a product that is good for the consumer on a daily basis, with a healthy tea or fruit tea. In addition, the drink smart also focuses on producers in Bali thanks to the creation of many jobs and direct importation, for smart collaboration.

Finally, the drink smart is for all those who take pleasure in taking care of themselves with organic tea to achieve their goals and live their life to the full.


Be smart, drink smart!



Drink Smart
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Zesty winner of the Best Of 2021 Award 

The bulk herbal tea “Sapphire, The magic of nature”, a mixture of blue pea flower, ginger and lemongrass, won the Best Of 2021 Competition prize at the Gourmet Sélection Paris show in the “Non-alcoholic drinks, teas, coffees, infusions” category. .

Namely that the winners are awarded for their quality, their innovation, their singularity and their naturalness. In addition, the jury is made up of fine food experts, tea professionals, starred chefs, gastronomic influencers and journalists.

This is a great reward and recognition for Zesty’s range of natural infusions. A victory that they shared with the Balinese producers with whom they work hand in hand directly, in order to offer exceptional drinks.

To conclude, new proof that the healthy, alcohol-free drink has a bright future ahead of it and that the consumer is looking for naturalness

Drink Smart