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Mint drinks – Easy lemonade recipe

Bienfaits hydratation infusion glacée

Enjoy the perfet mint drinks !


Nothing beats a good homemade lemonade to quench your thirst, especially if it’s a Zesty BB lemonade! As you may have noticed, we like different and original things, because there is nothing better than a smart drink.


Here is our homemade mint tea lemonade recipe for four people, which will change you from classic recipes!



Liquid sugar: 1 cl per person, i.e. 4 cl for four people

Lemon juice: 2 cl per person or 8 cl for four people (this is equivalent to two to three squeezed lemons)

A few mint leaves

A few pieces of sliced cucumber

50 cl Wake-up-call, herbal tea (cold) from Zesty BB

100 cl of sparkling water.



To make our mint tea lemonade recipe, start by adding, in a carafe, the liquid sugar, the lemon juice as well as the juice of a whole grapefruit, and the loose leaf mint tea. Mix, then add the 50 cl of Wake-up-call Cold Infusion. Finish by adding the ice cubes and, above all, mix well one last time, to make this fresh and original mint lemonade recipe a success!



Put a lemon wedge on the side of your glass as well as a mint leaf.

All you have to do is enjoy your lemonade! So how is our lemonade recipe.

Easy and delicious mint drinks with WAKE-UP CALL tea !


  • Wake-up call

    Mint tea -Vitality Boost

  • Tea spoon – Handmade wooden spoon

    Tea spoon measure

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