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Herbal Symphony

Relaxing tea - Floral herbal tea


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Need to relax ? Herbal Symphony is an invitation to relax. A bubble of well-being in your day to focus on you. A delicious healthy drink with floral and spicy notes. Embark on a symphony of flavors that will transport all your senses to Bali.

Relaxing herbal tea, Without caffeine or theine. Vegan.



This high quality floral infusion will help you soothe yourself during the day or have a sweet night. The amaranth globe flower present in this bulk infusion helps promote good digestion (detox virtues) and thus helps regulate sleep. Delicious served hot or cold.



All of our blends are created by our flavor expert, Best UK Bartender of the year 2011 and zesty co-founder Bruno. He puts all his experience as a 5-star mixologist at your service, to offer you a delicious drink smart, easy to make at home.

Zesty won the BEST OF 2021 Paris Award, in the soft drinks, tea, coffee and infusion category, for its originality.


globe amaranth Gomphrena globosa zesty relaxing tea bali

globe amaranth flower

The amaranth globe flower (Gomphrena globosa) is very rich in several vitamins C, B6, B2... It also contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, helps reduce cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels. The active ingredients of the globe amaranth flower help you relax and feel more zen on a daily basis. Perfect as a relaxing tea.

cardamom spices bali herbal tea relaxation


Cardamom is a spice that helps digestion, source of calcium and magnesium, vitamin B2 and B6. It is a valuable aid to digestion by reducing bloating and relieving heartburn.

pandan pandanus vanilla bali zesty herbal tea


Pandan is a tropical plant with notes of vanilla and almond. Cultivated for its medicinal properties, it helps manage blood sugar, is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory effects. Pandan leaves are used to flavour and colour dishes.

rose bali rose tea relaxing tea sleep and relax zesty herbal tea drink smart

Rose petal

Rose petals contain mineral salts, vitamins C, volatile oil, tannic acid, saccharin’s, malic and tartaric acid salts and antioxidants. They also help in digestion, the secretion of bile and the absorption of iron. Delicious in a rose tea.

lemongrass herbal tea bali drink smart zesty bali tea digestion relaxing


Lemongrass has the major properties of being digestive, diuretic and anti-inflammatory and is rich in B vitamins. It is a plant whose scent is similar to lemon. Lemongrass is widely used in cooking or in herbal tea.

Preparation tips

Brewing Temperature

2,5 g for 1 mug
or 1 tea spoon 5g
pour 500 ml

Brewing time
3 minutes

Enjoy hot
or cold

How to prepare a relaxing tea with globe amaranth flower ?

Tips for preparing your relaxing tea .

How to infuse it? To obtain an infused drink full of flavours. The infusion is above all a well-being and pleasure drink. But its dosage is crucial.

Use a tea spoon to help you to have the right amount.

Loose tea is always better with the good quantity.

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  1. Gabriella L

    It’s a pretty good relaxing tea with great flavor. I’ll buy it again

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