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Wake-up call

Mint tea -Vitality Boost


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40 cups

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Refreshing mint drink revisited with our zesty touch. Vegetal notes of gotu kola, enhanced by the freshness of mint and lemongrass. Delicious mint infusion in both hot and iced versions with a few slices of cucumber.

100% natural herbal tea. A Drink smart, without caffeine or theine. Vegan.



Want to make the most of your days? Wake-up call is a unique blend of high quality plants to naturally boost your vitality and stay focused on your goals.

Discover an amazing plant, gotu kola, known for its many benefits. It helps reduce stress, improves memory and concentration.

Elephants are even said to have a good memory because they eat gotu kola leaves every day.



All of our blends are created by our flavor expert, Best UK Bartender of the year 2011 and zesty co-founder Bruno. He puts all his experience as a 5-star mixologist at your service, to offer you a delicious drink smart, easy to make at home.

Zesty won the BEST OF 2021 Paris Award, in the soft drinks, tea, coffee and infusion category, for its originality.


mint tea


Mint is a plant known for its digestive properties. Mint leaf tea helps detoxify the liver and relieve bloating or intestinal pain. It provides iron and also relieves joint and muscle pain.

loose tea


Lemongrass has the major properties of being digestive, diuretic and anti-inflammatory and is rich in B vitamins. It is a plant whose scent is similar to lemon. Lemongrass is widely used in cooking or in herbal tea.

gotu kola

Gotu kola

The medicinal properties of gotu kola have been known for over 2,000 years. This organic plant also called tiger grass revitalizes nerve cells, and helps concentration and memory. But it also improves blood circulation and provides energy and vitality.

Preparation tips

Brewing Temperature

2,5 g for 1 mug
or 1 tea spoon 5g
pour 500 ml

Brewing time
3 minutes

Enjoy hot
or cold

How to properly prepare your best mint tea?

The mint herbal tea is above all a well-being and pleasure drink. But its dosage is crucial. The active principles pass more easily from a dried plant. Discover how to have a perfect infusion and enjoy the many virtues of your mint herbal tea. A good dosage, quality water at the right temperature and respect for the infusion time, for a delicious natural tea…

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  1. Erin J

    Delicious. I’m happy to drink this herbal tea, when I’m trying to fight soda or sweet tea cravings.

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