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Cocoa tea- Guilt-free pleasure


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Fancy a tasty, yet healthy drink ? Look no further! We have the perfect drink for you. Cacao Experience, it’s all the roundness and power of cocoa in the mouth with the sweetness of coconut and the vanilla notes of pandan leaves. A perfect drink for a guilt-free, tasty break during the day or in the evening!

Herbal tea Gluten-free & Lactose-free, Caffeine-free, Vegan.



Between man and cocoa, it’s a long love story! No wonder, because the cocoa infusion is healthy and delicious with its good cocoa taste. But, it is also rich in nutrients. Indeed, it is a superfood, rich in magnesium and a good natural anti-stress. In addition, cocoa is also beneficial for sleep and helps burn fat.

The cocoa infusion, Cacao Experience, easily replaces hot chocolate. It is lactose-free, so easy to digest.



All of our blends are created by our flavor expert, Best UK Bartender of the year 2011 and zesty co-founder Bruno. He puts all his experience as a 5-star mixologist at your service, to offer you a delicious drink smart, easy to make at home.

Zesty won the BEST OF 2021 Paris Award, in the soft drinks, tea, coffee and infusion category, for its originality.



Cocoa is a superfood, rich in nutrients, such as vitamins B and A, iron, calcium and magnesium. Due to its theobromine content, it is a natural antidepressant. Cocoa tea drink also has antioxidant effects, protects the cardiovascular system, regulates blood flow, is beneficial for sleep, and is a good natural fat burner.

coconut bali tea

Coconut shaving

Coconut is a wonderful exotic fruit. It is rich in fibre, magnesium, stimulates intestinal transit, plays on satiety and is a natural source of iron and phosphorus for the body.

pandan leaves


Pandan is a tropical plant with notes of vanilla and almond. Cultivated for its medicinal properties, it helps manage blood sugar, is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory effects. Pandan leaves are used to flavour and colour dishes.

Preparation tips

Brewing Temperature

2,5 g for 1 mug
or 1 tea spoon 5g
pour 500 ml

Brewing time
3 minutes

Enjoy hot
or cold

How to quickly prepare an infused cocoa tea?

Who doesn’t love cocoa? Find all the intense flavour of the cocoa peel infusion in a surprising and easy-to-make mixture, as you can see in our video tutorial. Delicious in cold or hot infusion.

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