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Best herbal tea – An adventure in the mountains of Bali



To show that everything is possible in life, that all you have to do is take action and above all never give up… This is how Zesty  was created, by its two founders after a trip to Bali.


From Bali to the Drink smart


On the Balinese island, they discover the magic of infused drinks. They are amazed by the exceptional quality of Bali’s amazing herbs, like mangosteen, butterfly blue pea flower and pandan… It’s something they had never drank before, full of amazing flavors, far from teas and infusions found in France and Europe.

They were convinced that there was something strong to create in connection with Bali and to share with the rest of the world. This is where the concept of the smart drink was born, with the mission of offering well-being, thanks to a healthy drink that can be drunk all day since it is caffeine-free. A drink that inspires and gives you energy to achieve your dreams, as was the case for the two founders of Zesty BB. A smart drink to make the impossible possible.

A smart attitude led by two French founders, atypical and passionate, Barbara and Bruno, the 2 Bs of Zesty BB. They are two autodidacts who left everything to start their business and achieve their goal: to offer a healthy, smart and fun drink and to be the first importers in France and Europe of Balinese plants, starting from scratch, just with passion. and the belief that it was possible.

Be smart, Drink Smart.

2 thoughts on “Best herbal tea – An adventure in the mountains of Bali

  1. I love Bali. I’m very happy to have found a brand of Balinese herbal tea in Europe.

    1. A pleasure to take you on a journey to Bali with our healthy beverages.

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