Bali: The Zesty Adventure


Discover Zesty’s Balinese Odyssey and let yourself be carried away by the adventure.


On the enchanting island of Bali, our founders Barbara and Bruno tasted the magic of Balinese plants. Amazing flavors drawn from Bali’s unique flowers and plants, such as mangosteen, blue pea flower, gotu kola, and pandan. It was a culinary experience unlike any ordinary teas in France and Europe.

This journey revealed a deep conviction: to create something extraordinary in connection with Bali, to share with the world. And thus, our innovative concept of drink smart was born. A caffeine-free, healthy beverage infused with the inspiring energy of Bali. A source of well-being to nourish your dreams and make the impossible happen, just like the founders of Zesty.


Join us on this audacious adventure led by two passionate French individuals, Barbara and Bruno. Self-taught and leaving everything behind to pursue their vision. We offer you much more than a dull infusion; we offer you a range of astonishing, smart, and fun healthy drinks.

Zesty is the first importer in France and Europe of these precious Balinese plants, driven by their passion and unwavering conviction.

Discover the essence of Bali through our herbal teas, let yourself be enchanted by the Bali flower, and dive into a unique experience.


Let Zesty transport you on an inspiring and transformative journey, where every sip reminds you that anything is possible.

Zesty Founders: Bali's Visionary Duo

Zesty bb meilleur barman

“What has always struck me in my experience as a mixologist in the luxury hotel industry is how people are drawn to cocktails for their fun side. So, I said to myself why not rediscover this attraction, but for healthy drinks, by offering unique and original blends that make you want to be consumed daily and which are beneficial for the well-being of the body. It was only natural that I moved from mixology to herbology with the desire to change things while showing a new possible path with the drink smart”.



Bruno DO NASCIMENTO – Co-founder of Zesty and UK’s Best Bartender in 2011


We are all here on Earth for a reason, with so many wonders to share. Dare to be authentic, step out of your comfort zone, and turn the mistakes in your life into opportunities.

At Zesty, we have a mission: to bring a touch of well-being and inspiration to everyone. With our healthy drinks infused with Balinese plants, we provide you with the energy you need to pursue your projects and achieve your boldest dreams.

Never underestimate the power of your passion. By taking action, the impossible becomes possible. Dream smart, Drink smart.”


Barbara SCHWARZ – Co-founder of Zesty


Zesty: Responsible Sourcing with Bali

Discover the very essence of Zesty in your cup! A passionate trio united to create the perfect harmony: Bruno, an award-winning bartender (UKBG and Galvin Cup champion) who transitioned from mixology to herbology, and the creative spirit of Barbara. Together, they collaborate with passionate Balinese experts, including a seasoned herbalist and local producers, to offer you an unparalleled experience.


At Zesty, we are committed to responsible and high-quality sourcing, supporting Balinese agriculture and preserving ecological balance. Every sip you take bears witness to our unique Franco-Indonesian collaboration, blending tradition and innovation.


We also celebrate Balinese craftsmanship by offering unique Bali creations such as eco-friendly, high-quality wooden tea cups and tea spoons.


At Zesty, we prioritize people above all else. Direct relationships with our producers, rigorous traceability, and authentic proximity allow us to offer you exceptional products, cultivated with passion and respect in Bali.


Dive into an experience filled with good vibes and well-being, thanks to our smart design and our range of Drink Smart.