The start-up that is revolutionizing the world of tea and infusions


Dare the difference 


To show that everything is possible in life, that you just have to take action and above all never give up… This is how Zesty BB was created, by its two founders after a trip to Bali.



First, on the Balinese island, they discover the magic of infused drinks. They are amazed by the exceptional quality of Bali’s amazing plants and fruits, like mangosteen fruit, butterfly blue pea flower and pandan leaves… It’s something they had never drank before, full of amazing flavours, far from teas and infusions found in France and Europe.


Second, they were convinced that there was something strong to create. To make a connection with Bali and to share it with the rest of the world. This is where the concept of the drink smart was born. The mission of offering well-being, thanks to a healthy drink. A healthy drink, than can be drunk all day since it is caffeine-free. A drink smart, that inspires and gives you energy to achieve your dreams. Like it was the case for the two founders of Zesty BB. A smart drink to make the impossible possible.



A smart attitude led by two French founders, atypical and passionate, Barbara and Bruno, the 2 B of Zesty BB. They are two autodidacts who left everything to start their business and achieve their goal. To offer healthy, smart and fun energy tea and to be the first importers in France and Europe of Balinese plants, starting from scratch, just with passion and the belief that it was possible.f

B & B the atypical founders

Zesty bb meilleur barman

“What has always struck me in my experience as a mixologist in the luxury hotel industry is how people are drawn to cocktails for their fun side. So, I said to myself why not rediscover this attraction, but for healthy drinks, by offering unique and original blends that make you want to be consumed daily and which are beneficial for the well-being of the body. It was only natural that I moved from mixology to herbology with the desire to change things while showing a new possible path with the drink smart”.



Bruno DO NASCIMENTO – Co-founder of Zesty BB and UK’s Best Bartender in 2011


Bruno Zesty BB

“I am convinced that we all came to this earth for a reason and that we have lots of beautiful things to share. We just have to dare to be ourselves, dare to step out of our comfort zone and not be afraid to do errors.

With the drink smart, we have made it our mission to bring a touch of well-being and inspiration to as many people as possible with healthy herbal drinks, because being well in your body and in your head, allows you to have the energy needed to achieve your wildest projects and dreams. Never underestimate what you are capable of creating and accomplishing through passion. By taking action, the impossible becomes possible. Be smart, Dream smart, Drink smart”.


Barbara SCHWARZ – Co-founder of Zesty BB


Qualitative and responsible sourcing

tisane bali

All the expertise of a passionate trio in your cup! An alliance of Bruno, UK bartender of the year 2011, who went from mixology to herbology, with Barbara’s creativity and passionate Balinese with whom they work directly. Including the expertise of a talented herbalist and Balinese producers in terms of plants and agriculture.

Zesty BB is also an unprecedented Franco-Indonesian collaboration in the world of organic tea and herbal tea. A qualitative and responsible sourcing that supports Balinese agriculture and allows local communities to live from their production while respecting the ecosystem. A brand committed to traceability and high quality of its products, working directly with 10 farms in Bali, the majority of whose employees are women.

No label will replace the human label! Working directly, hand in hand, with its producers, for greater proximity and a more human relationship.

Best Herbal tea. Plants grown with passion and respect in Bali, it´s more good vibes in your cup!

Drink smart with Zesty BB !


collaboration avec Bali